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Urban Development

The science city Darmstadt has a population of about 142,000 and offers about 120,000 people from the city and its surrounding area a place of work.

Therefore, urban development is not only limited to local requirements for services to the public. Darmstadt’s role as a regional metropolis for the south hessian county as well as its presence in the Frankfurt-Rhine-Main area form the framework.

The development of concepts, guidelines and key projects are the pivotal points for urban development. The primary objective is the safeguarding and development of the quality as a place of residence and a place of economy. This adds to the co-operation with other cities and counties in the region.


Key Projects

  • GSI, International Centre for Heavy Ion Research
  • North-east-Bypass
  • Brown field conversion
  • Main railway station as turning platform 
  • European quarter
  • City development
  • Science & Congress Centre, darmstadtium
  • Renovation of city theatre
  • Re-planning area "Knell"
  • Living in Darmstadt


  • Reinforcement of economical & cultural activities in the metropolitan region FrankfurtRhineMain
  • Urban renewal through internal development
  • Realisation of market-orientated accomodation offerings
  • Safeguarding & extending the industrial areas
  • Strengthening the city as a regional cultural and retail focal point
  • Scientific exchange through establishment of networks
  • Preservation & extension of the cultural offerings


Department of Economy and Urban Development

Georg Haumann
phone: +49(0)6151/13-4435
fax: +49(0)6151/13-3455

Kai Hartmann
phone: +49(0)6151/13-4432
fax: +49(0)6151/13-3455

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