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Town Twinnings and international relations

Twin cities and international involvement

Since 1975 Darmstadt bears the title, European prize winner. City friendships have been maintained since 1958. As early as 1964, Darmstadt was awarded the symbolic European Flag for its European activites. In 1975 the city received the European Prize of the European Council in Strasbourg. To a great extent, Darmstadt owes this award to support from its twin towns and the unusual dedication of its own citizens.

Our 15 twin cities are:

1958Alkmaar (The Netherlands), Troyes (France)
1959Chesterfield (England)
1968Graz (Austria),  Trondheim (Norway)
1971Bursa (Turkey)
1988Plock (Poland)
1990 Szeged (Hungary), Gyönk (Hungary), Freiberg (Saxony)
1991Brescia (Italy),  Saanen-Gstaad (Switzerland)
1992Ushgorod (Ukraine)
1993Liepaja (Latvia)
2002Logrono (Spain)

The office for twin cities supports and coordinates exchanges between Darmstadt and its twin towns. Support is not only provided to groups, schools, associations and institutions; individual citizens can also be supported. The office will be glad to provide information on the various types of support available along with application forms and guidelines.

The office also provides assistance with the organisation of contacts and encounters, with program arrangements, with correspondence & with translations. It arranges, for example, guided tours or receptions.

Every two years the city of Darmstadt puts out to tender a prize for the best youth work within the area of European understanding by Darmstadt’s youths. A total of 1000€ in prize money can be won.

For this purpose a study group of the citizen’s comission for twin cities issues a topic catalog which is publicised after the bridging in autumn. The closing date for applications is always March 15th.

Apart from the 15 twin cities, there are numerous international relations and contacts, which are organised by the office. To mention a few, these include friendly relations with Nahariya/Israel, the cooperation with the General Assembly of the Association of towns awarded the Europe prize with over 40 members, the support of approximately 130 former jewish fellow citizens, assistance with organising international exchanges with schools in Darmstadt, with clubs and with institutions as well as accomodating and looking after guests in their own appartments.

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