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Business Focal Points

There are 5 business focal points (cluster) in Darmstadt:

  • Chemical / pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology
    (e.g. Merck KGaA, Evonik Röhm)
  • Hair cosmetics
    (e.g. P&G-Wella, KPSS-Goldwell)
  • Informations & communications technology
    (e.g. CA Deutschland, Deutsche Telekom AG, Software AG)
  • Mechanical/electrical engineering, mechatronics
    (e.g. HBM, Schenck-Process und Schenck-Rotec)
  • Space- and satellite technology

If nothing else the 130 year old university traditions of the technical university of Darmstadt and the technically oriented polytechnic have contributed to the existence of these focal points. Numerous companies have come into being out of the universities, the most prominent example is Software AG.

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